Why Unpluggit?

I have this great opportunity as an Ambassador for Ben & Jerry’s Climate Change College and I want to inspire peoples’ interest in climate change as I have been inspired in the past. I wanted to run a campaign around something that everyone could relate to in their every day lives, as I really feel it’s the small day-to-day changes that will add up to make huge positive differences in the end. I wanted a campaign that people could talk about easily to their friends and family to help spread awareness about all the little things in all our lives we can start doing today. I love to talk to people about climate change in a fun way around how they can make a difference and I wanted to help others do the same.

Below is some really interesting info to help you talk to others about the Unpluggit message.

Let’s get this thing going!

Mobile Phone Chargers
The amount of electricity wasted from mobile phone chargers left on in the UK alone, is enough to power over 33,000 homes for a whole year! Think about that a second… that’s a lot of wasted energy.
And every time we manage to save just that small bit of energy, it’s a small step towards combating climate change. The more times you unpluggit, and the more people who unpluggit, the more small steps we take. Before long, you’d be surprised at how far we’ve travelled. Start your journey today. Unpluggit!

Want to journey a little further?

Unplugging your mobile phone charger is a great first step to take. Doing it every day is even better. And this can help you start to think more about all the other other devices in your home that also waste electricity. Devices that you can easily unplug or turn off when you’re not using them too.
Lots of electrical gadgets around the home also require charging and use charger plugs to do so. Things like your MP3 player, your digital camera, your laptop computer… they’ve all got charger plugs. Digital radio sets also waste electricity when they’re not switched on. Go on! Unpluggit when you’re not using them. The more you can do, the bigger impact you’re having on starting to help combat climate change.

Standby? What are you waiting for?

In standby mode some consumer electronic appliances, like your TV, your hi-fi, or your DVD player, can still use almost as much electricity as they do when they are switched on. Again, all wasted energy. In fact, the energy wasted through standby represents 8% of the UK domestic electricity consumption and can cost you on average £28 per year per household. Using the on/off switch to turn them off properly or even unplugging them will save that wasted electricity and send you further on your climate change journey.

Further still?

There are many more simple things you can do to reduce the amount of energy you use as well as more substantial measures you can take to start making big positive steps to help prevent climate change. And so many of them you can do today in your own home. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website to discover exactly what you can change and how you can benefit from it. Or phone their helpline for local energy saving advice on 0800 512 012.

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